The Shared Sequencer Network

Replace centralized sequencers and maintain sovereignty.

Decentralized by Default

Astria lets rollups share a single decentralized network of sequencers that's simple and permissionless to join. Rollups powered by the Shared Sequencer Network get fast block confirmations and the censorship resistance guarantees that can only be provided by a decentralized network.

Leverage Decentralized Sequencers

Astria provides a decentralized set of users/nodes that you can permissionlessly use, allowing for a trustless optionality. By leveraging decentralized sequencers, Astria offers censorship resistance, liveness, solves the bootstrapping problem, and allows you to create your rollup with ease.

Cross-Rollup Composability

Astria enables atomic transaction inclusion across rollups via its native transaction bundles. By giving users the power of conditional transaction inclusion, Astria unlocks exciting possibilities like atomic cross-rollup arbitrage.

Maintain Sovereignty

Astria can be used without fear of being locked in. All transaction data is stored on the base layer, and Rollups own their execution and state. Swapping out the sequencing layer is as simple as updating your Rollup software.