Astria Sequencing Layer Devnet Updates: Dusk-4 to Dusk-8


Jul 2, 2024

Dusk-8 is live! Start deploying today.

Developers will now be able to test rollup deployments on the latest Astria devnet (Dusk-8).

This blog will summarize all the improvements made since Dusk-3.

In short, since the last update, the team has been hard at work releasing several new devnets—Dusk-4, Dusk-5, Dusk-6, Dusk-7, and Dusk-8—as we progress toward the Sequencing Layer mainnet.

Each of these releases marked significant milestones in our development journey, featuring key improvements and bug fixes to the codebase. The current devnet demonstrates substantial readiness to onboard more builders and users in the forthcoming testnet.

Dusk-4 Summary

  • Upcoming network upgrades to the Sequencing Layer are now automated.

  • Production improvements to the ability to write and read to Celestia, including full data sync from Celestia.

  • IBC can now be enabled, making it easier to bridge funds between the Sequencing Layer and Celestia Mocha.

  • Implemented bridge accounts and related actions.

  • Code is audit-ready.

Dusk-5 Summary

  • Updated network to the latest CometBFT release (0.38 vs 0.37). 

  • Added the sequencerblock-api, which was done to decouple changes to Sequencer actions and hard forks from necessarily needing rollup updates.

  • Added data blob compression.

  • Major restructuring of our transaction shapes (the updated proto changes). This improves the ability to make backward compatible changes.

Dusk-6 Summary

  • Dusk-6 started preparations for genesis and fee payments to authority accounts, which were upcoming in the next few devnets.

  • Added groundwork for bridge withdrawals.

  • Funded the EVM directly from the Sequencing Layer with a bridge-lock action.

Dusk-7 Summary

  • App-side mempool created. This eliminates a DOS vector, enabling future development of cleaner interactions when transactions are submitted. 

  • Transaction shape updates for forward compatibility.

  • Bridge withdrawal actions have kicked off and a full withdrawal pathway under development, POC finished.

  • Improved batch posting to Celestia, resulting in ~40% less data usage. 

Dusk-8 Summary

Dusk-8 improved usability for users and developers when interacting with the Sequencing Layer. 

  • Bridge withdrawal pathway is completed, ready to be activated.

  • Migrated to Bech32m addresses so that Astria addresses are easily identifiable.

  • New transaction types are supported.

  • Enhanced bridge accounts. This means signer threshold and bridge accounts can be adjusted as needed for governance flexibility.

Visit the docs to learn more about the Sequencing Layer and start deploying rollups on Dusk-8. The status page will give you status of the network at any given time.

For the latest Astria developments, follow us on Twitter. Join our community Discord to share any feedback.

© 2024. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024. All Rights Reserved.