Bringing Interoperability to Astria with Hyperlane

Eshita Nandini

Dec 19, 2023

We’re excited to announce Astria’s collaboration with Hyperlane to bring Permissionless Interoperability to Astria.

You can now bridge between the Astria EVM and Ethereum Sepolia using Hyperlane!

Hyperlane is the first Permissionless Interoperability layer built to connect the modular ecosystem. With Hyperlane, anyone can connect any blockchain or rollup, enabling seamless liquidity and Interchain applications that abstract away the complexity of interchain interactions. With the recent launch of Hyperlane V3, the team introduced Hooks to integrate and aggregate any native or 3rd-party bridge and offer a streamlined developer experience through a simplified API.

The Astria EVM is an EVM rollup powered by the shared sequencer network, set to become the activity hub for the Celestia ecosystem. Currently, the Astria EVM is deployed on a devnet, Dusknet, which ensures that rollups are decentralized by default including composability, censorship resistant black production, and fast confirmations.

This integration empowers developers to build interoperable applications that leverage the strengths of both the Astria EVM and Hyperlane’s modular capabilities.

Bridge to the Astria EVM With Hyperlane

To get started, visit the Hyperlane Warp UI and start bridging between the Astria EVM and Ethereum Sepolia.

To learn more about the Astria EVM and the shared sequencer network, visit our docs.

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© 2024. All Rights Reserved.