Introducing The Astria EVM

Eshita Nandini

Dec 14, 2023

The Astria EVM, an EVM rollup powered by the shared sequencer network, is set to become Celestia's activity hub.

Powered by The Shared Sequencer

Today, we're unveiling the Astria EVM, powered by the shared sequencer network. By leveraging the shared sequencer network for fast, censorship resistant block production, and Celestia for data availability, the Astria EVM is able to overcome the limitations in scalability, performance, and decentralization faced by other EVMs.

The EVM has emerged as today’s flagship VM, and there’s a clear need for it in the Celestia ecosystem which we've always intended to satisfy. Our goal for the Astria EVM is to bootstrap the modular rollup ecosystem by becoming the activity hub for Celestia, while being the destination for bridged assets of both Astria and external ecosystems.

Build With The Astria EVM

The Astria EVM is live on Dusknet-2, which uses Celestia's Mocha testnet. It is integrated into Dora’s multichain search engine, which embeds onchain interactivity at the discoverability layer to serve as a catalyst for mass adoption.

To get started using the Astria EVM visit the Astria Network Page on Dora or use our RPC and Faucet below:


The Astria EVM network details are also available on our docs website.

If you're a developer interested in building on the Astria EVM, fill out this form to get in touch.

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