Introducing the Astria RaaS

Eshita Nandini

Dec 21, 2023

Use the Astria RaaS to deploy no-code rollups to the shared sequencer network.

Introducing the Astria Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS), the easiest way to deploy a rollup on the shared sequencer network. Building upon our recent Dusknet-2, the Astria EVM, and Hyperlane Bridge announcements, the Astria RaaS enables developers to deploy a rollup with a single click.

The Astria RaaS is the first version of our no-code rollup development platform, reducing the barrier to entry to using the shared sequencer network, and catalyzing the growth of the Astria ecosystem.

Why Did We Build Our Own RaaS?

We built a RaaS because deploying a rollup should be as easy, and as permissionless, as deploying a smart contract.

Existing RaaS providers are a centralizing force, with an economic model that encourages vendor lock-in. But we recognize that developers frequently prioritize ease of use over decentralization. 

With Astria, developers no longer have to make that trade-off.

Rollups deployed with the Astria RaaS use the shared sequencer network for block production, so they’re decentralized by default, inheriting censorship resistant fast confirmations from Astria, with Celestia underneath for high-throughput data availability.

This means the Astria RaaS only deploys rollup full nodes, not centralized sequencers like existing RaaS products, preventing lock-in. Developers can run their own rollup full nodes using the same deployment manifests as the RaaS, and we encourage them to do so, see our detailed guides on how to get started

As we move towards mainnet we’ll be working with node providers to offer a range of hosted rollup node solutions. If you’re a node provider that wants to work with us, please get in touch.

What Does The Astria RaaS Deploy?

Rollups deployed with the Astria RaaS contain everything inside our rollup helm charts:

Just Deploy.

Deploy a rollup on the Astria Shared Sequencer Network with one click.

  1. Sign in with your Github account.

  2. Provide a rollup name + network ID.

  3. Deploy!

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