Launch Rollups On Celestia With Astria

Josh Bowen

Oct 31, 2023

Congratulations to our friends at Celestia for successfully launching their mainnet, a major milestone for the modular ecosystem!

The idea for Astria originated during our co-founder’s time working at Celestia. From the beginning, the vision for Astria has been to democratize rollup development, to make deploying a rollup as easy as deploying a smart contract.

Our team has been relentlessly pursuing this vision, and we've already achieved several important milestones, including releasing:

  • The Astria dev cluster for local rollup development

  • Dusknet, Astria’s permissionless shared sequencer devnet

As we build on these successes, our sights are firmly set on the upcoming release of Dawnnet, our decentralized testnet, scheduled for release before the end of this year.

Why We’re Excited About Celestia 

Astria’s shared sequencer network leverages Celestia for Data Availability, harnessing the power of the first modular blockchain network that securely scales with the number of users.

Celestia has championed the concept of modularity in blockchain design, and Astria takes full advantage of this. By using a modular architecture, Astria is able to provide decentralized sequencing as a service, without placing limitations on a rollup developer’s state machine design.

For more details on our architecture see our developer documentation.

Start Using Celestia With Astria Dusknet

Astria is the easiest way to start building on Celestia.

Dusknet, Astria’s shared sequencer devnet, is available now, enabling users to permissionlessly launch rollups in minutes.

To learn how to deploy your own rollup, visit our Dusknet documentation or follow along with this video walkthrough:

To keep up to date with what we’re building, follow us on Twitter.

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